A bright sunny day
I think of you
and happiness smiles upon me.

Somewhere a fly is humming.

It is all rather quiet.

A blue butterfly
flutters by.

Gunnel Arvidsson

- Pictures in Poetry and Painting

From her first exhibition in 1995 Gunnel's work has focused on the combination of poetic expression and aquarelle. Her collections of poems are Light of Love 1993, The Inverted Tree 2001; A Blue Book 2003 and Life Dream 2012 are both sponsored by the Sensus Study Alliance. Gunnel has received scholarships and prizes for cultural work from Sundbyberg Town and from the Master Eckhart society as well as the 'Swedish Authors' Fund 2019. She is a member of the Swedish Writers´ Union. Gunnel's CV you will find here >>.

News 2022

Poetry and Music
Lunch Consert in Sundbyberg Church
Wednesday 16th March at 12.15
Gunnel reads from 'Days of Life'
and Heidi Rohlin Westin plays flutes.

Sundbyberg municipality has honoured
Gunnel the 2022 Literary Sign
reproducing a poem from 'Days of Life'
INAUGURATION 7th May at 13.00
Place: Lötsjön, close to Gröna Stugan

See what the poem sees; hear what the picture tells
Gunnel reads from 'Days of Life' with a background
to the book as a multi art piece
Heidi Rohlin Westin plays flutes.

Poems through the times of the year,
with aquarelles




LIVSDRÖM (Life Dream), aquarelles and poems 2012

Livsdröm, dikt och akvarell

Livsdröm can be purchased at
St Paul's Book-store, Stockholm
and at

Stream from Spotify, Gunnel recites own poems.
Visit also
Livsdröm is available as e-book.


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Summer GamesA A Blue Book
Portrait photo: ©Uno Yang